In fulfilment of the duty of information stipulated in article 10 of the Information Society Services and E-Commerce Act, Law 34/2002 of 11th July, the user is informed that the owner of the website (the “Website”) and all its content is:

C/ Portal, 4
CP 25176 Torrebesses – Lleida
Telf: 600 22 37 64

Iluminario Associació with tax no. G65486581, entered under number 44960 in section 1 in the Catalan government’s Associations Register, and domiciled at C/Portal 4, 25176 Torrebesses (Lleida).

You are informed that provides access to the services and content on the Website, consisting primarily of publicising the activities of the Asociation, ticket sales for the events held at the Asociation and, in general, providing full information about the Asociation. You are further informed that the Asociation respects and abides by the following legal observations.


General Conditions

Use of this Website will be governed by these conditions of use (“Conditions of Use”), including the content and services made available to users. The Asociation therefore asks you to read these Conditions of Use carefully, as they contain full information about your rights and obligations.

You must be aware that simply by accessing this Website, you are considered to be a user thereof, explicitly agreeing, automatically and voluntarily, to the Conditions of Use in force at any given time. If you do not wish to agree to them, we recommend you do not carry on using this Website.

If you purchase products through this Website, the conditions of sale of the Asociation as published on the Website will be applicable to you, in addition to these Conditions of use.

The Asociation reserves the sole right to review these Conditions of Use at any time in order to make modifications arising from legislative changes or corporate decisions, undertaking to publish and so announce any changes that might affect its users. The user is understood to agree to these changes when they continue to make use of this Website.

Furthermore, the Asociation reserves the right to modify unilaterally, at any time and without prior notice, the structure and design of the Website, as well as the services or content provided on it. During modification, repair, updating or improvement work, access to the Website may be suspended.

It may be that as a consequence of the modifications to the Website mentioned in the above paragraph new content or services are added which, as well as being subject to these Conditions of Use, are also subject to specific conditions. In the event of any discrepancy between the general and specific conditions, the latter will prevail.

It is emphasised that access to the Website is open and free of charge to Internet users and the Asociation takes no responsibility for any damages caused by improper use of this Website.

Notwithstanding the above, the Asociation makes the use of some of the services provided on the Website conditional upon first filling in the pertinent user registration, which is done in the manner explicitly specified in the relevant section of the Website.

Minors wishing to make use of this Website must have the permission of their parents or guardians, who will in any case be liable for their actions.

Intellectual and Industrial Property

All trademarks, trade names, designs, graphics, logos, distinctive signs of any kind, images, videos, audio, software, downloads, texts, colour schemes, programming, source code and any other content of this Website (taken together the “IP”) are the property of the the Asociation or, where appropriate, of its licensors or other third parties who have authorised their use, and none of the exploitation rights that exist or may exist with regard to the IP may be considered to be granted to the user.

Total or partial reproduction, transformation, distribution, public communication, making available, extraction, re-use, retransmission or use of any kind of the PI, by any means or procedure, is explicitly prohibited except in cases previously authorised by the Asociation. Any use without the prior authorisation of the Asociation will be considered a serious breach of the author’s intellectual or industrial property rights.

However, users may view and obtain a temporary private copy of the Website content for their exclusive personal, private use on their information systems, providing this is not for the purposes of carrying on activities of a commercial or professional nature or for the purposes of distribution, modification or alteration. The Asociation reserves the right, at its discretion, to limit or cancel access to or use of the Website, partially or wholly, at any time, without prior notice.

The Asociation is a registered trademark, for which reason it is explicitly prohibited to make use of this name, including, for information purposes but not only, its reproduction, imitation, use or insertion without due authorisation by the Asociation.

The user is informed that palaumusica.catis a domain name registered by the Asociation. This domain name may not be used, except with the explicit prior authorisation of its owner, in connection with other services not provided by the Asociation.

Liability and Obligations

1. Liability for content on the Website.

The content of this Website is of a general nature and purely for the purpose of providing information about our services and our activities. In the case of products and services requiring some form of payment, the Asociation will inform users of the specific conditions of sale applying to them.

Both access to the Website and any use that might be made of the information contained on it are on the sole responsibility of the user. The Asociation therefore takes no responsibility for any decision taken by the Website user as a consequence of the information contained on it.

The Asociation declines any responsibility for any information not prepared and/or posted by the Asociation, or arising from misuse of the Website content, and reserves the right to update, delete, restrict or impede access to the said content, either temporarily or permanently.

2. Liability for links to other third-party websites.

Links included on the Website are merely for information purposes, and the Asociation therefore does not check or verify any information, content, products or services provided through these third-party websites. Consequently, the Asociation declines liability of any kind for any aspect, especially content, that might appear on these third-party websites.

If the user decides to access any third-party website, they do so entirely on their own responsibility and subject to the conditions of use of these third-party websites.

3. Liability in the event that the Website is the destination of a link posted on a third-party website.

With regard to links included on websites other than this one, and if any user, entity or website wishes to make any kind of link to this Website, the following stipulations will apply:

Prior written authorisation must be requested from the Asociation.
The link can only lead to the home page of the Website.
The link must be absolute and complete, i.e. it must take the user to the Website’s own address at and must cover all the home page screen.
No erroneous or incorrect information must be given about the Website.
The owner of the page providing the link must act in good faith and not attempt to harm the reputation or good name of the Asociation.
The Asociation cannot control the information, content, products or services provided by any other websites that offer links leading to this Website. It therefore takes no responsibility for any matter concerning these websites.

The existence of a link to this Website on a third-party website does not imply the existence of any kind of relationship, collaboration or dependence between the Asociation and the owner of the said website.

4. Liability for technical aspects.

The Asociation does not guarantee continuity of service by the Website, or its permanent availability. The Asociation reserves the right to interrupt access to the Website at any time and without prior notice, for reasons of security, control, maintenance, power supply issues or any other reason.

The Asociation takes no responsibility for any deficiencies in the working of its service provider or in communication networks, or problems resulting from the malfunctioning or use of inappropriate versions of browsers of any kind, as well as problems arising from prolonged interruptions in the power supply or telecommunications lines, social conflicts, strikes, explosions, floods, actions or omissions on the part of the government, and in general all cases of force majeure or fortuitous circumstances.

The Asociation will not be liable for any security errors that may arise, or for any damage caused to the user’s information system, files or documents stored on it, where these are caused by a virus from the user’s computer, malfunctioning of the browser or the use of old versions of the browser, telephone faults, interference, omissions or disconnections of the operation of the electrical system due to causes not attributable to the Asociation.

5. Users’ obligations.

While using this Website, the user undertakes to uphold current legislation, good faith, generally-accepted convention and public order. Use of the Website for purposes which are illicit, misleading, malicious or harmful to the Asociation or to third parties is prohibited. Use of the Website must therefore be appropriate and correct, the user refraining from behaviour that might harm the image, interests and/or rights of the Asociation and/or any third parties.

Moreover, the user must refrain from using, deleting, avoiding or tampering with the copyright and other data identifying the Asociation’s rights, as well as the technical means of protection or any other information mechanism that might be included in the Website content. Likewise, the user will refrain from using the content of the Website, in particular information of whatever kind obtained through the site, to send advertising, communications for commercial purposes or unsolicited messages aimed at various people, whatever their purpose, and refrain from marketing or divulging this information in any way.

The user will be liable for any damages suffered by the Asociation as a consequence of infringement of any of the obligations set forth in this Legal Notice and Conditions of Use of the Website.

With regard to browsing, the user undertakes to diligently and faithfully follow whatever recommendations might be made at any given time by the Asociation concerning the use of the Website.

The user undertakes to supply truthful information in their communications with the Asociation, the user being entirely liable for any damages this information might cause if it is inaccurate or false, whether to the Asociation or to third parties.

Duration and modification

The Asociation reserves the right to, at its entire discretion and unilaterally, modify, add or remove any part of this Legal Notice and Conditions of use. Any changes will appear in the same form in which they are to be found in this Legal Notice.

It will be the user’s responsibility to check whether we have made any changes to this Legal Notice and Conditions of Use every time they use the Website. If the user accesses or uses the Website in any way after the Legal Notice and Conditions of Use have been modified, they will be considered to have read, understood and given their consent to and unconditionally agreed to these changes. The latest version of this Legal Notice and Conditions of Use will be available on the Website and will replace any previous version thereof.

The validity in time of this Legal Notice therefore coincides with the time it is displayed on the Website, until such time as it is modified wholly or in part by the Asociation.

The Asociation may terminate, suspend or interrupt the operations of this Website unilaterally. After such removal, the user must destroy any information about the Asociation that they may possess in any form after obtaining it through the Website.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

This Legal Notice and Conditions of Use is subject to applicable current Spanish legislation. To settle any conflict or litigation that might arise from access to this Website, users and the Asociation undertake to submit to the courts of Lleida, explicitly waiving any other forum.