GARRIGUES GUITAR FESTIVAL 2017 | The Guitar Festival is back, Emili Pujol is back

La Granadella | June 13, 2017 | 11:09am

The figure of Emili Pujol is known in all guitar and musical circles in the world. In the lands of Lleida and more specifically in the region of Les Garrigues, the place where he was born and composed a large part of his works (Mas Janet), we have an opportunity to disseminate the figure of the teacher, composer and musician through a series of concerts that will take place They are spread across various cultural spaces in Les Garrigues: churches, castles, wineries…

Valuing our culture, our characters and our heritage is an act of responsibility and dignity for an entire territory. It is for this reason that this year we are working together to disseminate the events, courses and concerts that are held in the lands of Lleida about the figure of maestro Pujol.

We hope that this summer you enjoy the music, the heritage, the visits and the gastronomic tastings that we have prepared for you from the native land of Pujol.


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