GARRIGUES GUITAR FESTIVAL 2017 | Plucked string music merges with the territory at the 6th Garrigues Guitar Festival

  • The exhibition will last until August 26 and fifteen bands and soloists will participate, sharing the spotlight with the most emblematic places in the region.

Source: | July 6, 2017

The first of the fifteen concerts that will make up the 6th Garrigues Guitar Festival will take place this Friday at ten at night in the Parque del Terrall de les Borges Blanques, one of the most appreciated places in the city of Garrigues. The musical note will be provided by Ilerda Antiqua, a duo formed by Maria Altadill (soprano) and Felipe Sánchez (romantic guitar), who will offer the audience a concert based on the work of a young Schubert raised within the environment of the Haus Musik, the entertainment of the bourgeois families of the 18th and 19th centuries.

The event, which aims to promote cultured music as a cultural expression in all the corners it can reach, is held in tribute to the Granadella guitarist and musicologist Emili Pujol. In this sense, in addition to the concerts, the 5th Granadella Symposium has been organized for July 15 and 16, a conference dedicated to the pedagogical and compositional work of the Garriguense maestro.

This year’s edition stands out above all for the wide range of styles it offers, which range between baroque music and Catalan song. The common elements, the guitar, in all its aspects, and the beauty of its settings.

The rest of the concerts will take place in Arbeca, Cogul, Espluga Calba, Floresta, Fulleda, Granadella, Granyena de les Garrigues, Juneda, La Pobla de Cérvoles and Vinaixa.


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