GARRIGUES GUITAR FESTIVAL 2015 | Isidre Pinyol, culture technician of the Regional Council, tells us about the 4th edition of the Garrigues Guitar Festival

Source: Radio Les Borges | July 16, 2015

Les Garrigues Guitar Festival ‘Memorial Emili Pujol’ is becoming a consolidated festival in the region, this year is already the fourth edition to be held. It is a festival that stands out for the quality of the guitarists who participate while seeking for spectators to enjoy music in spaces full of history. It was born in 2011, in commemoration of the 125th Anniversary of the birth of the famous guitarist and musicologist Emili Pujol “to promote, as a cultural expression, cultured music in all corners of his native land.”

Among the new features this year, the number of concerts stands out, which has increased from 9 to 12, a fact that Pinyol values positively and attributes to the fact that “the towns of the region welcome the initiative to bring the world of music in the villages”. In this fourth edition, a new winery has also been added, the Vinya els Vilars de Arbeca, which will be the stage with which the festival will close with the performance of the group ‘En clave de son’.

Making the Garrigues Guitar Festival known throughout Catalonia has been another of the objectives set by the Regional Council. Hence, the concert agenda was presented in Barcelona, on July 2, at the ‘Garrigues, colors and emotions’ stop in the Mercat de la Concepción. “The people of Barcelona are suddenly surprised by the different activities we do in the region and realize that the people of the west are alive, they make quality products and are up to date with what is relevant at the country level, at the cultural level.” Adds Pinyol.

Finally, another novelty that the culture technician of the Regional Council highlights is the performance of Carles Trepat, a guitarist born in Lleida and known internationally. It will be the first time that he performs at the festival, he will do so on Saturday, August 22 at the church of San Baptista of Vinaixa. In addition to him, different artists and styles will pass through Les Garrigues throughout this summer, from the renowned Chilean artist Eulogio Dávalos to ’22Strings Quartet’ that will offer a repertoire of popular dances and songs. In Les Borges in particular, the duo of the violinist Ala Voronkova and the composer and guitarist Sergi Vicente will perform, on Friday, July 17 in the Terrall gardens.


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