GARRIGUES GUITAR FESTIVAL 2014 | The third edition of the Garrigues GuitarFest is back

  • Les Garrigues Guitar Festival “Memorial Emili Pujol” will hold its third edition with the satisfaction of adding concerts and towns within the regional territory of Les Garrigues, from June 28 to August 23.

La Granadella | May 25, 2014 | 6:00 p.m.

Vinaixa, Espluga Calba and Cogul are the towns that supported the international event, along with the usual ones such as La Granadella, Les Borges Blanques, Juneda, Arbeca, La Pobla de Cérvoles and the capital Lleida.

The inauguration will be carried out by the Barcelona Guitar Orchestra, which this year celebrates 25 years of its foundation. Directed by the guitarist and composer Sergi Vicente, it will be held at the Oil Pavilion in Les Borges Blanques, on Saturday, June 28 at 10 p.m.

Ten concerts will take place between June and August, including a guitar course with great masters of the instrument. The concerts include performances by established masters and young talents. Soloists, chambers and orchestras. Classics and contemporaries on guitar and the learned music that was heard in 1714 in Catalonia, as a commemoration of the Tercentenary.

The second edition of the International Guitar, Lute and Vihuela Course will also be held, after the success of the first call.


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