EMILI PUJOL SYMPOSIUM 2022 | Lleida honors Emili Pujol on the 42nd anniversary of his death

  • The musician died on November 15, 1980

Source: Catalunyapress redaction | Monday, November 14, 2022

The Asociación Iluminario and the Cercle Guitarrístic a Catalunya organized, on the morning of last Sunday, November 13, a tribute to Maestro Emili Pujol in the Municipal Cemetery of Lleida, on the occasion of the 42nd anniversary of his death, on November 15, 1980 in Barcelona .

The act, which took place in front of his grave, had the participation of the deputy mayor and councilor for Municipal Resources, Hacienda and Health, Montse Pifarré, who glossed over the figure of the Illustrious musician and composer from Lleida, as well as representatives of the Emili Foundation Pujol, the town halls of La Granadella and Torrebesses and the County Council of Les Garrigues.

Pifarré pointed out that Emili Pujol took the name of Lleida and Granadella (the place where he was born) to the whole world and “we can consider him one of the great ambassadors of our lands from the post-war years until the 1980s”.

The deputy mayor described the versatility and great musical and educational capacity of maestro Pujol, “who did not limit himself to giving concerts and practicing as a great and renowned composer, but also displayed his talent as a researcher and pedagogue. This turned him into a musician , we could call integral, who achieved great international recognition during his life and, at the same time, left testimony to his mastery with numerous students who have been followers of his school”, he said.

Jordi Bizarro, from the Círculo Guitarrístico, and Jordi Guimet, on behalf of the Emili Pujol Association, will also participate in the event. Both were in favor of recovering the maestro’s legacy. The first asked the Diputación de Lleida, which is its custodian, to come up with a project that makes it a permanent reference. At the same time, he has expressed his desire to recover Pujol’s compositional work, of great value although it is more unknown as it has been overshadowed by the figure of interpreter and pedagogue.


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