EMILI PUJOL SYMPOSIUM 2019 | A course and contest dedicated to Pujol

  • Emili Pujol Campus – Guitar Clinic are stays for the corporal investigation of the physical / psychic balance combined with the methodical study of classical guitar under the pedagogical philosophy of the teacher Pujol. Coexistence in a rural and natural environment.

  • Emili Pujol International Guitar Competition is a classical guitar interpretation contest for guitarists up to 35 years of age, with the purpose of knowing and illustrating, within guitar literature, their compositional work.

Torrebesses | June 12, 2019 | 12:00 p.m.

Emili Pujol had explained several times that one of the best places to work was in his native land, in the surroundings of Mas Janet, between the towns of La Granadella and Torrebesses. In this house, surrounded by a rough land, with lush trees, olive trees planted and worked between the margins and dry stone terraces, it was where he was inspired for the creation and musical composition. In this secluded place in the Garrigues region, without running water and without light, as an element more immersed in nature, he enjoyed the shows that the day offered him, the smells, the air, the animals on the margins, the noise of the leaves and branches of the trees, the contact of bare feet with the ground. These sensations that go unnoticed to us, the teacher Pujol incorporated them into his works and presented them in the most prominent places on the world scene. These contrasts and talent are what make maestro Emilio Pujol a true world-renowned character in the field of music.

With this descriptive presentation, the Consell Comarcal de les Garrigues is ready to claim internationally this universal teacher, complementing the Symposium, which has been held since 2012, with two more initiatives, a course and a contest, which will expand the knowledge of an illustrious guitarist.

These initiatives form the Emili Pujol Universe concept, which aims to give visibility and international repercussion from the web.


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