EMILI PUJOL | A teacher to discover

  • Issue 41 of the magazine 440Clàssica&Jazz includes a documentary about the guitarist and musicologist Emili Pujol

Article: enderrock.cat | 19 de desembre de 2017

Issue 41 of 440Clàssica&Jazz dedicates the cover to an undiscovered master: the guitarist, musicologist and pedagogue Emili Pujol. In addition to reviewing his life and his work in the central report, the magazine includes the documentary Emili Pujol. El mestre, by Artur Blasco.

The figure of Emili Pujol (1886-1980) represents an important and still not sufficiently known link in the history of Catalan and world music. And he is from three perspectives: as a performer, in the line of the great guitarists; as a musicologist, rediscovering and making the world of the Hispanic vihuela known, and as a guitarist and pedagogue, leaving a very long wave of disciples who stand out all over the world. Accompanying the documentary Emili Pujol. El mestre, by Artur Blasco, who is involved with the magazine in collaboration with the Ilerdenses Studies Institute, the musicologist and guitarist Santi Miret brings us closer to the inside pages of the issue to a figure to know and claim. And from his hand, a whole piece of music history emerges, full of great personalities. From Ferran Sors and Francesc Tàrrega to Hopkinson Smith


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