“The guitar embellishes all genres of music as long as they are well interpreted.”

“More admiration deserves the perfect execution of a simple work, than the faulty interpretation of a difficult work.”

“It is known that technique should not constitute an end, but a necessary means to reach the perfection of art.”

Certamen Pujol

Emili Pujol International Guitar Competition is a classical guitar interpretation contest for guitarists up to 35 years old, with the purpose of knowing and illustrating, within guitar literature, their compositional work.

Where is it done?

It takes place in the Sant Salvador Church of Torrebesses, a town in the Segrià region, in the province of Lleida, where the teacher Pujol lived and lived with his neighbors.

When it's made?

It is carried out during the summer season, highlighting the dates of the end of July. In this second edition it will be held on Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 July 2023.

2023 Rules

  1. Iluminario Associació and Cercle Guitarrístic a Catalunya, organizer of the Emili Pujol International Guitar Competition, announces the second edition to be held in Torrebesses, on July 29 and 30, 2023.
  2. The Contest is open, regardless of nationality, to guitarists up to 35 years of age. Those contestants who obtained the first prize in previous editions will not be able to participate.
  3. The Contest will take place in the auditorium of the Sant Salvador Church of Torrebesses (Lleida), where the presentation and draw of the order of participation will take place on Saturday, July 29 at 4:00 p.m. The contestant’s non-presentation implies his automatic disqualification.
  4. Travel, accommodation and living expenses will be borne by the participants. Registered accommodation will be provided with significant discounts.
  5. Participants waive any right to the recordings that may be made during the Contest.
  6. Registration in the Contest implies acceptance of the bases and the final decision of the jury. It also gives the right to attend concerts preferentially and completely free of charge.
  7. Everything that is not specified in the Bases is not the responsibility of the Organizing Commission.
  8. On the amounts awarded as prizes, the corresponding tax withholding will be made according to current legislation.
  9. Prizes may increase. Its concretion will be informed at the end of the registration period.


10. The Contest comprises two rounds:

  • FIRST ROUND – CLASSIFICATION. Saturday, July 29, 4:00 p.m. For all participants. Obligatory work: “Cubana”, Emili Pujol
  • SECOND ROUND – FINAL. Sunday, July 30, 6:00 p.m. For the three qualifiers. A work of free choice maximum 8 minutes long.


    11. The following prizes are awarded:

    And the special prizes:


    12. The application for registration will be made online. Registration deadline: Sunday July 2, 2023. A maximum of 20 participants will be selected.

    13. Registration fees are €50, which will have to be paid by transfer (indicating name and surname) to “CAIXABANK” IBAN: ES56 2100 5516 8121 0016 3620″ or by Paypal in the email certamenpujol@gmail.com


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