“The study consists of a physical and a psychological aspect. You will have to address the rebellious aspect in order to balance the overall outcome.”

“The disciple is to the teacher what the patient is to the doctor. The method with effective means will be the treatment for complete healing.”

“The quality of study matters more than quantity; regularity more than insistence; reflection more than effort.”

Emili Pujol Campus - Guitar Clinic

Program designed for the physical and psychological development of classical guitarists through the study of guitar and the exploration of mind-body balance. The program is based on the pedagogical philosophy of the master Pujol and includes residencies in a rural and natural environment where participants can also discover the local heritage and gastronomy.

Where does it take place?

It takes place at the Dry Stone Interpretation Center, in the town of Torrebesses, where the master Pujol lived and spent time at his summer farmhouse, Mas Janet. The facilities and spaces are adapted both logistically and technologically, in a rural environment and in direct contact with nature.

When is it held?

It takes place during the summer season, with emphasis on the dates of late July, August, and early September. This second edition will be held from Monday, July 22 to Friday, July 26, 2024.

Participants targeted

The Campus is designed for the participation of students, teachers, or amateur/professional musicians, and is divided into 3 modules:
1. PHYSIOTHERAPY AND PILATES: Physical & ergonomic body work.
2. PSYCHOLOGY AND NUTRITION: Mental work & nutritional awareness.
3. SOLO & CHAMBER GUITAR: Individual/group masterclasses, active/passive listeners.


The professors of the Campus are active professionals in the different subjects that will be taught.
– PHYSIOTHERAPY, PILATES, PSYCHOLOGY, AND NUTRITION: Center for the Prevention of Performing Arts Injuries (CPAE). Health care team/musicians who specialize in treating injuries in artists. Website: cpae.net
– GUITAR: Anabel Montesinos. Classical guitar performer and professional pedagogue. Link: instagram.com | SOLO & CHAMBER GUITAR: José Antonio Chic: Guitarist, composer and head of the classical guitar department at the Miguel Fleta Professional Conservatory of Music of Monzón. Web: guitarinensemble.com

2024 Schedule

– Monday JUL/22 | 10am-14pm & 16-18pm: SOLO GUITAR (6h)
– Tuesday JUL/23 | 10am-14pm: SOLO GUITAR (4h) | 16-18pm: CULTURAL TOUR (2h)
– Wednesday JUL/24 | 10am-14pm: PHYSIOTHERAPY & PILATES (4h) | 16-18pm: CHAMBER GUITAR (2h)
– Thursday JUL/25 | 10am-14pm: PSYCHOLOGY & NUTRITION (4h) | Tarda (16-18h): CHAMBER GUITAR (2h)
– Friday JUL/26 | 10am-12pm: CULTURAL TOUR (2h) | 16-18pm: CHAMBER GUITAR (2h) | 20pm: CAMPUS CLOSING CONCERT

Accommodation and foods

Students who wish to do so can stay at Casa del “Lino”, a rural house with complete equipment and adapted for people with disabilities. Shared rooms for three people are available. If someone prefers to stay in a single room, they can contact us and we will help them find accommodation. Meals will be provided by by the organization and will consist of local products. It is important to communicate any food intolerance.

Prices and conditions

Payment method: By Paypal to campuspujol@gmail.com or by bank transfer to “CaixaBank” ES56 2100 5516 8121 0016 3620

– 20% discount if you pay in full for the course before May 26 (OPTION A: €360 or OPTION B: €480). Non-returnable.
– Registration deadline: Sunday July 30, 2024.
– Limited places. Maximum 10 participants. The Campus is designed to accommodate a limited number of students to meet individual desired objectives.
– Participants will have free access to the pools and concerts.
– There are no restrictions on level, age, or nationality.
– Schedules may vary depending on the number of registrants.
– Registration and more advantages for groups at campuspujol@gmail.com