“The disciple is for the teacher what the sick person is for the doctor. The method with effective means will be the treatment for total healing.”
“The study consists of a physical and a psychic aspect. You will have to combat the rebellious aspect in order to balance the result of the whole.”
“The quality of the study matters more than the quantity; the assiduity, more than the insistence; the reflection, more than the obstinacy.”

Emili Pujol Campus - Guitar Clinic

Stays for body research in physical/mental balance combined with the methodical study of classical guitar under the pedagogical philosophy of maestro Pujol.

Where is it done?

They develop between two populations linked to the teacher Pujol: La Granadella, hometown where he is a favorite son, and Torrebesses, place where he lived and coexisted from his family farmhouse, Mas Janet. Spaces in a rural and natural environment, knowing the heritage and tasting the local gastronomy.

When it's made?

It takes place during the last week of July, coinciding with the development of the Pujol Symposium and the Pujol Competition.


The Campus is divided into 3 independent modules:

  1. PHYSIOTHERAPY: For students or professional musicians, who want resolutions on physical and bodily health aspects.
  2. PSYCHOLOGY: For students or professional musicians, who want resolutions on the emotional and stage anxiety aspects.
  3. GUITAR: For elementary/middle/higher grade students or guitar professionals who want resolutions on technical and aesthetic aspects with an impact on the repertoire of maestro Emili Pujol.

Registrants will have the right to participate directly in the Pujol Competition.

Conditions and discounts

Maximum 20 participants. Registration deadline: Sunday, July 14, 2019
The Campus can be carried out in four different modalities. Choose your option:

  1. PUJOL CLASS (Physiotherapy + Psychology + Guitar) | 23h | Enrolment 250€ 
  3. PHYSIOTHERAPY CLASS | 6h | Enrolment 100€
  4. PSYCHOLOGY CLASS | 2h | Enrolment 50€

Discounts and benefits: 10% discount for two registered, 15% discount for three registered and 20% discount for four registered
Ask us for more advantages and discounts on individual and group accommodations at campuspujol@gmail.com

2019 Calendar

  • Wednesday, 24/JUL: PHYSIOTHERAPY
  • Thursday, 25/JUL: GUITAR
  • Friday, 26/JUL: PSYCHOLOGY
  • Saturday, 27/JUL: GUITAR
  • Sunday, 28/JUL: GUITAR

* The schedules may change and be accommodated depending on the number of registered

* You will find more information in the Dossier of the 2019 Emili Pujol Campus


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