2017 GARRIGUES GUITAR FESTIVAL | Ilerda Antiqua inaugurates the 6th Garrigues Guitar Festival in Les Borges Blanques

  • The festival, which will last until August 26, also allows you to enjoy guided tours, gastronomic pairings, conferences and a cultural walk

Source: Territoris.cat | July 10, 2017

Last Friday, the first of the performances of the Garrigues Guitar Festival, Memorial Emili Pujol, took place by Ilerda Antiqua with An Die Musik, at the Terrall de les Borges Blanques. The Consell Comarcal de les Garrigues organizes this sixth edition of the Garrigues Guitar Festival from July 7 to August 26, with greater territorial presence. Floresta and Fulleda are the new towns that join to live this experience for the senses. Along with the concerts, the public will be able to enjoy guided tours, gastronomic pairings, conferences and a cultural walk.

This year, the wide range of music stands out, from the baroque to the Catalan song.

This event is held in tribute to the master guitarist and musicologist from Garrigues, Emili Pujol, an international representative figure of the guitar instrument in the 20th century. The festival wants to bring together the highest manifestations of music for plucked strings and promote cultured music as a cultural expression in all corners of his native land.

This year its wide musical range stands out, ranging from baroque to Catalan song. Revolving around the instrument of the guitar and family, it will be done in various heritage spaces of Arbeca, Les Borges Blanques, Cogul, Espluga Calba, Floresta, Fulleda, Granadella, Granyena de les Garrigues, Juneda, Puebla de Cérvoles and Vinaixa.

On July 15 and 16, the fifth Symposium will be held in Granadella in tribute to the figure of Emili Pujol

The duets stand out: guitars like the Becerra brothers and Pyrophorus duo; singing and guitar or theorbo like Ilerda Antiqua, Ruhí-Camahort, Fantova-Pisa; cello and guitar, as Liv duet; or violin and guitar, like Maltinsky-Belotti. Also, solo concerts such as Francisco Albert Ricote, Laura Fontanals and Josué Fonseca, and chamber music groups such as the Desconcimiento trio, the Ensamble Amoria and En Clave de Son will fill the region with notes and colors.

In homage to the figure of Emili Pujol, after whom the festival is named, the fifth Symposium will be held in Granadella, a weekend event (July 15 and 16) that will be especially dedicated to the recognition of both pedagogical and compositional work. and humanist of the master scrub. The aesthetic and artistic ideals professed by the correspondence between the musicians Emili Pujol and Miquel Llobet will be revealed in the conference given by Josep Maria Mangado, president of the Cercle Guitarrístic a Catalunya. For the next day, it is planned to enter the streets of Granadella, discovering curiosities and cultural corners with the Emili Pujol Route, guided and commented by Paquita Farré.


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