2016 GARRIGUES GUITAR FESTIVAL | Presentation of the fifth edition of the Garrigues Guitar Festival in Lleida

  • During the event, held this morning at the IEI, the figure of Emili Pujol was highlighted in his work to disseminate music

Source: radiolesborges.cat | July 7, 2016

This morning, the fifth edition of ‘Les Garrigues Guitar Festival, Memorial Emili Pujol’ was presented in the Aula Magna of the Ilerdenses Studies Institute of Lleida, with the participation of the director of the entity, Montserrat Macià, the president of the Regional Council of Les Garrigues, Antoni Villas, and the festival director, Isidre Piñol.

During her speech, Macià highlighted that the IEI of the Lleida Provincial Council supports this initiative that wants to bring cultured music closer to citizens, mixing renowned international performers from all over the world, but also with an important presence of local and national musicians. The director also recalled the figure of Emili Pujol and the copious work and splendid legacy he left in 1980 “when this distinguished guitar, hand viola, musicologist, pedagogue and composer, born in Granadella in 1886, died.” She explained the link that unites the IEI with the figure of Emili Pujol and the interest in honoring the musicologist from Lleida and promoting musicological studies, a field in which the composer and performer from Lleida accredited his research capacity. In this sense, she has highlighted that it is a tribute to the extensive legacy left by the figure and a recognition of the work of disseminating music.

On the other hand, Antoni Villas reiterated “the commitment of the territory to the territory, in the sense that it is activities like these that make many citizens discover new places.”

The director of the festival, Isidre Piñol, has reviewed the performances, and has highlighted that the intention is for the Les Garrigues region to be the center of musical attention of the moment, bringing groups and musicians from a wide spectrum. He has also reiterated his intention to open up, even more, the knowledge of the work of Emili Pujol, so this year, the majority of performances will feature pieces by this illustrious composer.

Between July 5 and August 27, Les Garrigues will host the 5th Les Garrigues Guitar Festival, Memorial Emili Pujol, and the musicians participating will perform the pieces in spaces of great heritage and sentimental value, combined with gastronomy, recreational activities and samples of popular and traditional culture. 15 concerts have been scheduled for this fifth edition, which will take place in Vinaixa, Espluga Calba, Cogul, Granadella, Borges Blanques, Juneda, Arbeca, Puebla de Cérvoles, Granyena de les Garrigues and Lleida. In addition, the concerts include performances by established masters, young talents, soloists, chambers and orchestras, as well as classics and contemporary guitarists and a review of music of all time.

As we reported a few days ago from Ràdio les Borges, the festival was already presented in Barcelona, at the Royal Artistic Circle, in an event where the Espai Antoni Ferrer de l’Espluga Calba also participated.


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