2016 GARRIGUES GUITAR FESTIVAL | Guitars will liven up the summer for the fifth consecutive year

Source: SomGarrigues.cat | July 5, 2016

Up to nine towns in the region, to which Granyena de les Garrigues will be added this year, will host the concerts of the fifth edition of the Garrigues Guitar Festival Memorial Emili Pujol, until August 27.

The first performance will take place today, July 5, at the Royal Artistic Circle of Barcelona, where the concert program dedicated to the renowned instrumentalist born in Granadella, Emili Pujol, and also the new space Antoni Ferrer de l’Espluga will be presented. Calba.

The first concert in Lleida will be at the Instituto de Estudios Ilerdenses de Lleida on July 7 and will be performed by Ensemble XXI.

It will not be until the 15th that the guitars will arrive in the region, with a concert by the duo Torrent y Díaz, in the courtyard of the Les Borges Blanques Town Hall. In Granadella, Pujol’s town, four events will take place in a row. On the 23rd, the Emili Pujol Library’s Civic Center will screen the documentary DOC Emili Pujol and, later, the concert by the duo Jiménez i Trepat will take place in the Santa Maria de Gràcia church. On the 24th, still in Granadella, the Oli Culture Center will host the Pujol symposium and in the same church, a concert by Ljubica Bukvic. The Cogul will be the stage for the cycle on the 30th, with the performance of the Evoéh duo in the center of cave paintings.

Already in August, on Saturday the 6th, Granyena is also added to the cycle with a concert by Sasha Savaloni in the church of Sant Miquel. On the 13th you can also enjoy it at the l’Espluga castle by Anders Clemens and on the 15th by the Rubio & Franch duo at the Sant Jaume d’Arbeca Church. In addition, Arbeca will also enjoy a concert at the Vinya dels Vilars by Obdara Trio. The concerts will extend to Juneda, Vinaixa and Pobla de Cérvoles on August 19, 21 and 27 with the show Llull, guitarist Bernat Padrosa and Bukvic & Jové.


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